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Tuckpointing, also known as pointing or repointing, is the process of removing damaged mortar from the joints between bricks and replacing it with fresh mortar. We are all familiar with the sight of an older brick building whose bricks are broken off or crumbling, particularly at the corners and at the base of a wall. Damage of this nature occurs when the brick's mortar has deteriorated, cracked, or in extreme cases, fallen out of the joints, leaving the edges of the bricks susceptible to damage from moisture seeping in through the gaps, or from blunt force. Tuckpointing before such damage occurs will prevent your bricks from suffering this fate.

In addition to exposing your bricks to potential damage, having cracked or crumbling mortar is unsightly, and makes the entire building look uncared for. It is important to undertake repairs to damaged mortar before the bricks themselves become part of the problem. Tuckpointing a wall is a much easier task than replacing broken bricks.

Repairing this mortar damage, whether it's a small area or the whole facade, is simply a case of removing the existing mortar and replacing it. The structure of the wall is not impacted during the repair process - it does not have to be torn down and rebuilt as long as the bricks have not yet suffered any significant harm.

Choosing the right shade of mortar is critical for achieving a clean and polished look that blends well with the surrounding structure and appears perfect, not patched. In the case of a small repair, we will dye the mortar to match the rest of the space, even if it is weathered. Replacing weathered mortar with new in just a part of your wall will only serve to make the rest of the area appear old and rundown, so it's important to take care and make sure the repair blends seamlessly into any portion of the original structure that remains. For a tuckpointing job that involves the entire facade, your finished wall with its fresh mortar will have a clean and polished as-new appearance you can be proud of. Either way, it is strongly recommended that you not delay having your tuckpointing done when it's clearly time. It will save time and money in the long run, and be well worth the investment.

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